False Data about Knives

False Data about Knives

False Data about Knives 150 150 Professional Sharpening Studio

Surgical steel is the best steel.

The initially incorrect term is “surgical steel”. These are the 440 and 420 types suitable for knives, 430 – only for table knives, 316 and 304 – unsuitable (they are even non-magnetic). There are specialized knife steels today, which are better in many ways than the Soviet “surgical” steel. Japanese steels are certainly industry leaders.

Self-sharpening knives.

In some knives, after a certain working time, a “micro tooth” is exposed on the surface of the cutting edge. But then this blade will again need sharpening. In practice, there are we get few knives types:

  • knives that need frequent sharpening and correction;
  • knives that do not need to be sharpened for a long time (knives with a long “siren”);
  • knives with a serrator, which are thrown out when unsharp, because sharpening at home is considered as something mad.

Knives Sets in the Stand are Good.

If the knives are stacked with the blades down in the stand, then the knives can “swell” from moisture soon. Usually knives made in China are sold in sets. The stand is difficult to clean; it is unhygienic. Only handles stick out of the stand and it is not visible which knives we take.

Knives unsharp quickly. It’s better to buy cheap knives.

Knives require minimal but proper care: wipe dry after use, regularly correct (sharpen) and then they will serve for decades. This applies only to expensive quality knives made of good steel. Bad steel will not fix anything! Miser pays twice. And don’t forget how we love our knives, we won’t throw them away that easily!

Knives need to be sharpened in “metal repair”.

In no case – it kills the cutting edge.

The knife should not be sharp – otherwise you will cut yourself.

It is the blunt knife what makes people cut their hands because of the incorrect moves to compensate the unsharpness. The only exception is when you switch fast from dull to sharp knives.

Knives can be left in the sink overnight.

Chemical processes gradually destroy any steel and especially wooden handles.

Solingen is a brand of knives.

Solingen is a city in Germany, traditionally the center of knife production in central Europe. Now Solingen is the headquarters of some knife brands including, KAI, Henckels, Wusthof. Brand Solingen does not exist. If the knife says Solingen, then this is a fake from China. As for the listed brands, the first two deserve attention: the KAI and Henckels knives are made in Japan and China. Of the products of TM Henckels, the TWIN knife line deserves attention. KAI TM knives – almost without complaints.

You cannot give away knives!

This comes from the past. It is enough to receive a coin in exchange and you will deceive this old omen. By the way, for several years, many Russian companies give out knives as a corporate gift.

The serrator is not dull, and it is not necessary to sharpen it.

In fact, these are micro waves on the blade, so the length of the cutting edge of the serrator gets up to two times longer than the length of the knife. Due to the sharper angle of contact of the teeth with the material, the cutting properties are higher until the teeth are dull. The popularity of this type of sharpening raised due to the fact that a knife made of cheap steel with a smooth blade will cut very badly, and with a corrugated one – slightly better, at least at first times.

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